Eagle Scout™ Dump Insert

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Breaker, Wiring Harness, & Winch Plug
(Installed, must have Bulkhead selected)
(Installed, must have Bulkhead selected)
Approximately 5hrs

Compared to the Classic Scout Insert, the Eagle Scout offers:

  • 1) Lower sides on the tub itself. 
  • 2) Chainless tailgate with springs pins for removal and indexed spreader points 
  • 3) Closed-gap tailgate (when laying down like a pick-up) 
  • 4) Easy-upgrade to coal chute 
  • 5) Service access panel in long and short-beds 
  • 6) Self-aligning sub-frame 
  • 7) Extended bed length and hinge-point moved back to dump clear of the bumper. 
  • 8) Enough room on the floor of the long-bed for standard ply-wood sheets. 
  • 9) Optional topper modules: a. Standard Bulkhead with integrated tarp roller and rear pillars for drop-in wooden sides and gate extender. b. Simple Pick-up rack and rails, for contractor esthetics c. Sides cabinets for long tool storage d. Chipper canopy with higher gate 
  • 10) Easy upgrade to Spring-retractable tarp 
  • 11) Can be custom-ordered with thicker floors.

Features Classic Scout Eagle Scout Liberty Scout

L (Long Bed) S (Short Bed) L (Long Bed) S (Short Bed) L (Long Bed) S (Short Bed)
Aluminum Tub Side Height Above Dumper Floor <Coming Soon> <Coming Soon>
<Coming Soon>
Aluminum Tub Side Height Above Bed Caps <Coming Soon> <Coming Soon> <Coming Soon>
Aluminum Tub Side Angle <Coming Soon> (Steeper, wastes space over fenders) <Coming Soon> (Shallower, uses more space over fender)
Low profile to add a variety of upper modules
Tailgate Support Chains Chainless Cantilever rests
Tailgate Latching Pull-Out 5/8" Hitch Pins with Cotter Pin 3/4" Spring Pins with alignment adjustments
Tailgate Upgrades None Add a Coal Chute, or upgrade to taller gate for chipper
Dumper Sub-Frame Variable Bolt Pattern, 30" Wide Variable Bolt Pattern, 34" Wide, 2-axis self aligning Steel with front yolk and rear roller wheels
Service Access None Panel in raise floor at the front of tub T.B.D.
Bed Length 102" <Coming Soon> 108" <Coming Soon> 108" <Coming Soon>
Dump Hoist 3T Scissor Not included, Designed for the Amerideck Lift System
Special Bed Size: Fits 4' x 8' Plywood N/A Fits 4' x 8' Plywood Fits 4' Wide Items Fits 4' x 8' Plywood Fits 4' Wide Items
Floor Thickness: 3/16" 3/16" Standard, can be special ordered (upgraded) to 1/4" or 3/8"
Tailgate Gap Approx .25" Approx. 0.0625" Approx. 0.0625"
Modular Design No No Standard Bulkhead with side boards, Rack & Rails, Contractor Rack, Chipper Canopy with high gate, or, side cabinets with x-bars
The dump insert and box is great! I love it! For legal weight it depends on the truck your using with it, for example with the box completely full of chipping the rear axle weighs about 8500 Lbs and my rear axle limit is 9350 lbs so I’ve been good to go
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