Eagle Scout™ Dump Insert

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(Installed, must have Bulkhead selected)
(Installed, must have Bulkhead selected)
Approximately 5hrs
Breaker, Wiring Harness, & Winch Plug


In comparison to its predecessor, the Classic Scout Insert, the Eagle Scout introduces several enhancements and features:

  • 1) The tub boasts lower sides for improved accessibility.
  • 2) A chainless tailgate, equipped with spring pins for easy removal and indexed spreader points.
  • 3) A closed-gap tailgate configuration when laid down, resembling a pick-up.
  • 4) Seamless upgrade options to include a coal chute for added versatility.
  • 5) Long and short-bed models feature a service access panel for convenient maintenance.
  • 6) A self-aligning sub-frame streamlines the installation process.
  • 7) Extended bed length and a relocated hinge-point, ensuring a clear dump past the bumper.
  • 8) The long-bed floor provides ample space for standard plywood sheets.
  • 9) Diverse optional topper modules, including a standard bulkhead with an integrated tarp roller and rear pillars for drop-in wooden sides and gate extender, a sleek pickup rack and rails for contractor aesthetics, side cabinets for extended tool storage, and a chipper canopy with a higher gate.
  • 10) A straightforward upgrade path to a spring-retractable tarp system.
  • 11) Customization options include the ability to order with thicker floors, catering to specific durability requirements. The Eagle Scout sets a new standard by combining practical innovations and versatile add-ons for an enhanced user experience.

Features Classic Scout Eagle Scout Liberty Scout

L (Long Bed) S (Short Bed) L (Long Bed) S (Short Bed) L (Long Bed) S (Short Bed)
Aluminum Tub Side Height Above Dumper Floor <Coming Soon> <Coming Soon>
<Coming Soon>
Aluminum Tub Side Height Above Bed Caps <Coming Soon> <Coming Soon> <Coming Soon>
Aluminum Tub Side Angle <Coming Soon> (Steeper, wastes space over fenders) <Coming Soon> (Shallower, uses more space over fender)
Low profile to add a variety of upper modules
Tailgate Support Chains Chainless Cantilever rests
Tailgate Latching Pull-Out 5/8" Hitch Pins with Cotter Pin 3/4" Spring Pins with alignment adjustments
Tailgate Upgrades None Add a Coal Chute, or upgrade to taller gate for chipper
Dumper Sub-Frame Variable Bolt Pattern, 30" Wide Variable Bolt Pattern, 34" Wide, 2-axis self aligning Steel with front yolk and rear roller wheels
Service Access None Panel in raise floor at the front of tub T.B.D.
Bed Length 102" <Coming Soon> 108" <Coming Soon> 108" <Coming Soon>
Dump Hoist 3T Scissor Not included, Designed for the Amerideck Lift System
Special Bed Size: Fits 4' x 8' Plywood N/A Fits 4' x 8' Plywood Fits 4' Wide Items Fits 4' x 8' Plywood Fits 4' Wide Items
Floor Thickness: 3/16" 3/16" Standard, can be special ordered (upgraded) to 1/4" or 3/8"
Tailgate Gap Approx .25" Approx. 0.0625" Approx. 0.0625"
Modular Design No No Standard Bulkhead with side boards, Rack & Rails, Contractor Rack, Chipper Canopy with high gate, or, side cabinets with x-bars

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