Cabinet Modules

  • All cabinet modules manufactured at Express Custom Mfg are made from marine grade 5052 H32 Mill plate. The cabinet bodies are formed from 1/8in thick sheet , while the cargo bay is formed from 3/16in thick sheet. 
  • Cabinet doors are double skinned (1/8in outer skin and .100in inner skin). Since the cabinet doors are double skinned, they are extremely rigid. 
  • They are assembled with a combination of stainless steel fasteners, aluminum fasteners and TIG-welding. 
  • The cabinet doors swing on surface mount hinges and are latched with whale-tail locking "T" handles. 
  • They are propped open with gas struts.
  • The doors are sealed with hollow type, neoprene gaskets which self-adhere in an integrally- groove-formed flange. 
  • The standard finish of the hinges and latches is satin black. 
  • The Cargo bay door swings up with gas struts and is "L" shaped to allow for a lower bottom sill which improves the ergonomics while leaning over.
  • Adjustable Shelves are designed like trays which are bolted to vertical "T" slot extrusion, thereby giving the user optimal adaptability for consumable, tool and equipment storage. The shelves are formed from 3/16in Mill Plate, with short lips to optimize storage for welding rod cans/boxes.
  • Adjustable drawers are mounted on HD aluminum ball bearing sliders which are in turn bolted to a Drawer Slide mounting extrusion, thereby giving the user optimal adaptability for small tool storage. Each drawer comes complete with a locking canopy style handle and wedge-shaped spring latches.
  • Each Cabinet is illuminated by self-adhesive Led Strip lighting which is switched by a mechanical door pin switch with the exception of the cargo bay (which uses an HD toggle switch).
  • Full height cabinets are fitted with an inverted hood scoop on the underside of the floor pan which acts as a venturi to draw out moisture from within the cabinet. Rain gutters are positioned above each cabinet door to deflect water from flooding into the door seal gutter.
    • I & II= Standard Cabinet Assemblies
    • XIII = Over-Deck Cabinet (Removable)
    • ZI & ZII = Cargo Bay Delete
    • EIII = External Bottle Storage
    • PII = Picker (Crane) Cabinets 

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    We make it our mission to keep our prices as low as we can. When estimating custom jobs, we will provide a low and high end expectation and do our best to stay in the low. We manufacture as much standardized components as possible to keep design costs minimized. Production runs maximize efficiency through repetition.

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    By producing as many standard, production run components and modules as possible, we can assemble products on demand and they are deliverable within short timelines. We keep an inventory of our hot sellers for immediate sale. We can ship our products anywhere in North America or install locally.

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    Modular components allow customers to choose a truck deck that will fit his/her truck and then later be quickly and affordably modified to fit a different truck. Truck decks and Canopy-Skids are installed with universal/adaptor sub-frames for easy and quick installations. Having a variety of standard accessories allow customers to continue to improve the products and even...

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    Longevity is the key. We build our trailers/decks/apparatus to last well beyond the original purpose/installation. Truck decks are frequently installed on a second, and even third chassis. Our truck decks outlast the Energizer Bunny. Our products have a proven history, and we stand by them!

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    Aluminum is Lighter than its counterparts and therefore improves vehicle economics and reduces emissions. Aluminum melts (welds) at a lower temperature than Steel and therefore requires less manufacturing power. Aluminum requires Argon or Argon blends and therefore doesn’t introduce more CO2 into the atmosphere. Aluminum doesn’t require welding flux, which... Read More