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Express Custom's ETM-I exemplifies a commitment to quality, longevity, and functionality, crafted from 100% marine-grade 1/8" 5052-H32 aluminum for exceptional durability. Employing TIG and MIG welding techniques along with aircraft-quality aluminum fasteners, this well-designed insert ensures optimal endurance. The ETM-I is tailored to prioritize patient and attendant comfort, featuring a marine-grade upholstered seat and the option for electric or forced air coolant heating. Functionality is a key focus, as the ETM-I utilizes only the front half of long-bed storage space, leaving room for additional supplies like fuel and chainsaws. Safety remains paramount, with superior automotive seat belts for both patient and passenger, standard RV-style latches for internal and external access, and a design that optimizes space while reducing blind spots. The module is equipped with two RV-style sliding, tinted windows with screens, a high-quality roof vent, and removable hinges for the rear access door, enhancing versatility.

Express Custom aims to keep ETM-I units in stock throughout the year, building them in batches. In case of unavailability, a typical batch build wait time is around three weeks. Express Custom encourages the creation of fleets by offering a substantial discount of -$300.00 for each unit when multiple ETM-I units are purchased on the same invoice. The ETM-I not only adheres to safety criteria outlined by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act but also complies with the standards set by WorkSafeBC from May 2019 to August 2021 and meets the requirements attributed to passenger compartments on highway roads, as stipulated by Transport Canada. With its modern features, including pre-wired white and red LED dome lights, universal fit for all full-size North American pickups, and high-visibility decals, the Express Custom ETM-I stands as a reliable and safety-focused solution for patient transportation.


ETM-I Technical Drawing (EXPRESS_CUSTOM_ETM-I_2023_SINGLE_SHEET.pdf, 147 Kb) [Download]

2023 Sell Sheet (SELL_SHEETS_2022-2023_ETM.png, 855 Kb) [Download]

Installation Instructions (ETM1_Installation_Instructions.pdf, 936 Kb) [Download]


Availability :
Regularly built & stocked. During busy seasons, may not always be in stock.(Contact us for up-to-date stock levels)
Compatibility :
  • Short/Standard/Long Box Domestic (Ford/Chevy/Dodge) Pick-Up Trucks 2000+
Estimated Weight:
Installation Cost:
Installation Duration :
~2-3 Hours
Materials Used :
  • Aluminum 5052-H32 Millplate
  • Aluminum 6061-T6 Extrusions
  • Vinyl
Length/Width ↔ :
Height ↕ :
Depth ↗ :
Packaged Dimensions (For Shipping):
92" x 48" x 66"H