Bobcat™ Multifunction Canopy

Rival Bobcat Logo 3D Model
Weight: 735 lbs

Can be configured and optimized for Fire Rescue, Crews, Environment Protection, & Forensics.

•When a Wildfire is ablaze, forestry fire-fighters need an apparatus that can get in the bush fast and knock down the flames quickly. Sometimes that big dually 2-tonne is just too much truck; that’s why we have developed the Bobcat™ skid.

•The Bobcat™ Wildfire Skid comes in two lengths (long be and short bed) and will fit into the back of a ¾ tonne or 1 tonne pick-up. The design incorporates fork-lift pockets and a mounting sub-frame for easy removal. Camper jacks can be installed for self-removal and allow crews to leave the Bobcat™ on site while the truck is sent back for more supplies.

Standard Features:

•Integrated Fork-lift pockets
•Quick-Install Sub-frame
•Two 18in deep, 24in tall Side Cabinets.
•By default, the driver's side cabinet is empty/hollow.
•Passenger cabinet default configuration: Two adjustable shelves, with mounting to add extra.
•Tonneau Lid with gas struts
•Gas strut door retainers
•Whale-Tail compression latches
• ~735lbs for Long Bed SRW assembly (Aluminum: ~670lbs, Hardware: ~25lbs, Subframe: ~40lbs)

Skid Storage Options:

•Extra, 6in high, pull out drawers
•Extra adjustable shelves
•Higher Tonneau or canopy styles lids
•Quick-Fist Tools mounts, various
•Cargo Bed-slide-out
•Cargo Bed Tub Drawer with deck above
•Foam Jug mount
•Piss-Can Holder
•Drawer Dividers

Finishing Options:

•Powder-coated finish
•Fire Red
•Semi-Gloss White
•Sandtext Black
•Semi-Gloss Black
•Construction Yellow
•Lime Green
•Polished stainless doors.
•Diamond grade NFPA chevrons (Red/Lime) on rear face.