Avenger™ Welding Skid

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Weight: 690 lbs



"Introduced in 2012, the Avenger Skid by Rival Truck offers a smart and economically favorable solution for welding equipment transport and storage in truck beds. Combining durability with cost-effectiveness, this model provides a reliable and practical choice without compromising on quality. Crafted from sturdy materials, it ensures secure storage and easy access to welding gear, making it an ideal option for various applications.

We have custom built over 300+ Avenger skids for various companies and individuals all across North America.

After building the Avenger for ~3 years, we took all the feedback from our clients and introduced the Defender skid as a new-and-improved version.

These days (2024), the Avenger is built by-order only, and not regularly stocked for inventory."

  • LP bottle bracket after curb side box
  • Full length cargo slide frame (3000lb capacity) for engine driven welding machine
  • Painted Steel fold down work bench
  • Two low down engineered horizontal oxygen cylinder sleeves for "T" and "K" bottles (fits all-tops)
  • Engineering stamped drawings for oxygen bottle storage available with purchase
  • Twin Acetylene cylinder brackets included
  • Fork lift pockets and lifting ears (cranes)
  • Removable rear cross bar
  • Rear posts offset to fit up to 4x AlumaReel Reels
  • Two rows of 1/4" t-slots on each side for easy mounting of brackets for pipe stands
  • Light weight, reinforced design
  • Manufactured from marine grade aluminum
  • Express easy quick mounting system included
  • Truck tailgate will remain on truck with skid installed


Long Box Technical Drawing (AVENGER_LB_SKID_DRAWING_REV1.3.PDF, 153 Kb) [Download]

Short Box Technical Drawing (AVENGER_SB_SKID_DRAWING.PDF, 796 Kb) [Download]


Availability :
Not Stocked, Built To Order(Contact us for up-to-date stock levels)
Compatibility :
  • SB (6' 6" Box) Domestic (Ford/Chevy/Dodge) Pick-Up Trucks 2000+
  • LB (8' Box) Domestic (Ford/Chevy/Dodge) Pick-Up Trucks 2000+
Constraints :
  • Does Not Fit XS Domestic Pick-Ups with a bed length of 5' 6"
Estimated Weight:
Installation Cost:
Installation Duration :
≤1 day; not guaranteed.
Materials Used :
  • Aluminum 5052-H32 Millplate
  • Aluminum 6061-T6 Extrusions
  • Black Painted Mild Steel
  • Express Custom Proprietary "Mono-Groove" Extrusion
Length/Width ↔ :
72.813" (SB) / 94.313"
Height ↕ :
Depth ↗ :
Packaged Dimensions (For Shipping):
94.313" x 80" x 53.250"
(SB) Road Side Cabinet :
48"L x 24"H x 18"D
(SB) Curb Side Cabinet :
36"L x 24"H x 18"D
(LB) Road Side Cabinet :
72"L x 24"H x 18"D
(LB) Curb Side Cabinet :
60"L x 24"H x 18"D