The Paladin modular welding deck from Rival Truck is the premium deck choice for mobile welders for over a decade now. Meticulously designed and built for ultimate performance and adaptability. Constructed from the same marine grade alloys used to build aircraft; the Paladin will outlast and outperform over conventional steel bodies and even last longer than your truck chassis. Get up and running faster with a deck configuration that is already thought out to suite your every need, and you don’t need to take time off the job to build it.

The Paladin-S and Paladin-D come in SRW and DRW sizes, respectively, with the DRW models providing maximized workspace. Single Rear Wheel Models compliment 80" wide truck cabs perfectly. The Paladin's design includes a rear bumper with two oblique tapers and a flat midsection, ensuring an attractive aesthetic without compromising practical work space. Its shape enhances the ability to haul gooseneck trailers and RVs. Configurations vary for short-bed setups, accommodating headache racks or an "X" Cabinet Module (over-deck cabinet). The PALADIN can be extended with a longer MID-MODULE to fit 60in C/A Chassis-cabs and beyond, making it adaptable for various applications, including pipeline welding and RV hauling. The deck is compatible with all Rival fender styles, optimized for the OCTAGONAL and suitable for the PICKER & CONCAVE ROUND fender styles. It features a CRADLE Sub-frame for easy installation, with a standard finish of bare aluminum and sandtex black powder-coat trim. Optional finishes are available, along with various headache rack options. The inclusion of LED cabinet interior lighting and exclusive Rival LED Tail-Lights adds both functionality and distinctive style. The Paladin Modular Deck can be shipped across Canada or installed locally at our shop in Parksville, British Columbia.

The secret sauce behind our Paladin is modular design. Our Paladin is built with a separate cabinet module, mid section, rear bumper section, and all three of those are tied into our sub-frame system which installs onto your truck. Not only does this approach allow the metal the proper flexibility to endure rough roads without cracking, but a Paladin can be disassembled and reassembled to fit any domestic truck. Some swaps require zero modification (like going from a Long box Ford to a Long box Dodge), while going to a different length altogether is as easy as adding or removing a module. That’s right - going from a long box Ford to a cab-chassis Dodge? We’ve got kits for that.

We know every welder has different requirements and tools. We are known for our comprehensive 1-on-1 customer service. Our salespeople are just as excited as you are to get a Paladin on your truck, and will answer any and all of your questions. We are never rushing to get you off the phone, we love to talk about our Paladin. We aim to maintain good relationships with all of our clients long after the initial purchase. Not only do you have the best deck in the field with the Paladin, you’ve got a fully committed support team in your back pocket too.

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