Sloop™ Skid

Rival Sloop Logo Price Includes Complete Sloop Configuration + 6x Vibration Isolator Mounts - Uninstalled.
Install Sloop down to 6x Isolators
Install 6x Vibration Isolators to a Deck
Weight: 107 lbs

"Manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminum, the Rival Sloop Skid is an engineered platform to mount your Welding Machine, Acetylene, Propane, Oxygen, and up to eight Reels onto to be stored securely. Installed onto any flat surface large enough to support it (Welding Decks, Flat Decks, Service Bodies, etc. - does not fit inside OEM pick-up beds, please see Sentry skid), the Sloop provides across-the-axle Welding Machine & pertaining equipment mounting/storage at an economically considerate price tag. The Sloop and Sentry share a lot of similarities, the Sentry is for welding machines to be mounted inline, and the Sloop is for welding machines being mounted across the axle / left-to-right."

  • All Marine Grade Aluminum (5052-H32 & 6061-T6) 
  • CNC formed 3/16" Mill plate base 
  • Preconfigured to mount most Lincoln Engine driven Machines 
  • Dual Engineered Horizontal Gas cylinder storage tubes (T&K size bottles) 
  • Combination Dual Acetylene & Single Propane Cylinder storage (alternatives available) 
  • Up to 6 Reels Stored on Driver-Side Reel Mount
  • Store 2 MORE reels by adding the optional Reel Offset Bracket near your acetylene/propane mount.
  • Preconfigured for Vibration Mounts, we strongly recommend mount down using 6 of them. We do not warranty ANY alternative mounting method.

The sloop skid is intended to be mounted on top of the Mid Section of one of our Modular Truck Bodies, or down onto a flat surface of any kind. Due to its stored equipment access locations, the sloop skid does not perform well if placed inside of a pick-up bed. 

We recommend the Sentry for a starter pick-up bed skid as it has rear facing oxygen bottles when mounted, and bottles on either side.

<1 Day required for Installation at our shop in Parksville, B.C. [ Get Directions].

(Our Manufacturing Location) Express Custom Mfg. Inc. @ Parksville, B.C.: You can check our Inventory page [Here]
If no inventory, must be built / ordered. [Click to get a quote or contact us] - We can ship to anywhere in North America.

Worthmore Trailers in Camrose, AB:
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5052 H32 Aluminum Mill Plate & 6061-T6 Aluminum Extrusions.
Overall Height with a 6PAX (Reel Post) Mounted

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