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Weight: 107 lbs



Crafted from Marine Grade Aluminum (5052-H32 & 6061-T6), the Rival Sloop Skid stands as a purposeful platform designed for secure storage of Welding Machines, Acetylene, Propane, Oxygen, and up to eight Reels. This engineered skid is adaptable to any expansive flat surface, such as Welding Decks, Flat Decks, Service Bodies, etc., excluding OEM pick-up beds. The Sloop offers economical and efficient across-the-axle mounting and storage of Welding Machines and related equipment. With a CNC-formed 3/16" Mill plate base, it comes preconfigured with mounting holes suitable for most Lincoln Electric & Miller Engine driven welding machines. Smaller machines find their place in between the sides on the tub floor, while larger machines (typically 400amp and up) securely mount onto the side rails of the tub/base, reinforced with channel crossmembers for added support. The skid features dual engineered horizontal gas cylinder storage tubes for T&K size bottles, a combination of dual Acetylene & single Propane Cylinder storage, and the flexibility to store up to 6 Reels on the Driver-Side Reel Mount (6PAX). Additional reel storage is made possible by adding the optional Reel Offset Bracket near the acetylene/propane mount. Preconfigured for Vibration Mounts, it is recommended to mount the Sloop skid using 6 vibration isolators in the suggested pattern for optimal performance. Ideal for placement on top of the Mid Section of Rival's Modular Truck Bodies or any flat surface, the Sloop skid's design prioritizes stored equipment access, making it a reliable asset of any mobile welder's arsenal.


Technical Drawing (SLOOP_-_LOW_PRO_SKID_II_DRAWING_REV1.4.PDF, 222 Kb) [Download]


Availability :
Regularly built & stocked. During busy seasons, may not always be in stock.(Contact us for up-to-date stock levels)
Estimated Weight:
Installation Cost:
Installation Duration :
~2-3 Hours
Materials Used :
  • Aluminum 5052-H32 Millplate
  • Aluminum 6061-T6 Extrusions
Year Introduced:
Length/Width ↔ :
Height ↕ :
Depth ↗ :
Packaged Dimensions (For Shipping):
48"W x 96"L x 22"H (4' x 8' Pallet)