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The term "pilot car" is a general phrase used to refer to a vehicle that protects motorists by following or leading (escorting) oversize shipments that are being transported on highways and roads. Also referred to as a "escort vehicle" pilot cars are fitted with lights that strobe as well as signs that state "oversize load". This warns motorists to proceed with caution as they are very close to a shipment that is larger than most.

Availability: Regularly kept in stock. During busy seasons, may not always been maintained.
Typ. Build Time: If no inventory on hand, it's typically a maximum wait of 3 weeks from time of deposit. May increase relative to the amount of orders in our system.
Install Cost: To be quoted. ($99.00/hr)
Install Duration: Typical Installs are 2:00 - 3:00 hours.

Length: 72"
Width: 20.230"
Height: 24" (Sign Down) or 38.125" (Top of sign BEFORE lights, ~47.125"H Overall)

Packaged Dimensions (Shipping): 72"L x 9"D x 24"H

Approximate weight dry: 65lbs

Material Used: Custom Express Custom Pilot Sign Extrusion
1/8" / 0.125" Millplate & H.S.A. Sides & Stand

We use 5052-H32 Aluminum Plate & 6061-T6 Aluminum Extrusions. We also stock various mild and stainless steel.

When pilot cars are required

British Columbia DOT requires a pilot car (escort vehicle) to accompany your shipment if you are in excess of any of the following dimensions or weights:

Length: For shipments in excess of 27.5 meters (90′) in length you will be required to have 1 rear pilot car (escort vehicle) on all roads. For shipments over 27.5 meters (90′) in length 1 front pilot car/escort and 1 rear pilot car/escort is required.
Width: Shipments in excess of 3.5 meters (11′ 6″) wide you will be required to have 1 front pilot car on two lane roads or 1 rear pilot car/escort on multiple lane roads. In some cases a beacon light may be substituted. In many cases night travel is granted at 304.8 cm (10′ wide). If granted night travel you may be required to have 1 pilot car/escort in the front if your shipment is over 3.2 meters (10′ 5 and 63/64 fourths of an inch”) in width. Shipments that are over 3.5 meters (11′ 5 and 51/64 fourths of an inch”) wide up to 4.4 meters (14′ 5 and 15/64 fourths of an inch) require 1 front pilot car/escort vehicle. Shipments that are over 3.5 meters (11′ 5 and 51/64 fourths of an inch”) wide are permitted to travel at night only.
Height: Depending on your route the BC DOT permit office will determine if you are required to have a pilot car/escort vehicle.
Weight: Weight is on a case by case basis. As long as your shipment can maintain the minimum required speed limit you will probably not be required to have a pilot car/escort by the British Columbia DOT permits office.
Overhang: If you are have more than 6.5 meters (21′ 3 and 29/32 seconds of an inch) of overhang you will be required to have 1 rear pilot car/escort.

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